Posted by: kim | May 23, 2007

Day -8: Packing and preparation

We’re off on a trip from London to Bangkok, most of it by train. We’ll take the train from London to Moscow, then the Trans-Siberian route passing through Ulan Bataar and ending in Beijing. We then travel through China visiting cities including Xian, Shanghai and Chengdu. Then to Vietnam and Cambodia, before spending time in Thailand.

Because we are vegetarian, we anticipate that the food situation will get awkward at times. But Rob has been hard at work researching vegetarian restaurants around the world.

I’m working right until two days before we leave, so I anticipate that I will still be in ‘work mode’ even right until a few weeks after we’ve left. I had some ‘bon voyage’ drinks a couple of nights ago, and some friends are staying over tonight. There’s still a lot to organise: travellers’ cheques, last-minute clothes, tidying the flat (our vacuum cleaner just broke) and making backup photocopies of everything. Our to-do list keeps getting longer by the day!


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