Posted by: kim | May 31, 2007

Film vs digital

My decision to take film on my journey was not an easy one. Rob’s definitely taking his new digital camera, but I feel lumbered by the memory cards, the battery charger, the threat of all those photos falling in the water, the portable hard drive that stores all the pictures, the drain on the battery. But on the plus side, there’s the convenience, the seemingly endless stream of photos, no loss of detail, the portability of it, and so on.

I’ve come to the decision that film isn’t going to last the distance for much longer. This may be the last time I use it, so it’s kind of a nostalgia thing. There’s a richness to film and an analogue beauty to it, whereas digital often feels artificial and cold, even though technically it’s more realistic. The lithium battery in my Canon EOS 300 will last for 100 rolls. It’s light, and I can store used rolls separately in air and water-tight canisters. The negatives can also ultimately be scanned at a much higher resolution than the digital version of my SLR. It is all a bit of a faff though so I am still taking my digital point and shoot.



  1. Everyone says digital is cheaper but once you factor in storage for hi-res images, I don’t think there’s much in it between film and digital.

    I think most serious photographers will end up using a combination of film for quality and digital for immediacy and compact storage. But I’m not sure there are enough serious photographers to sustain the whole film industry and hobbyists will prefer the immediate feedback of digital and not care about any quality loss. It’s getting harder to buy 3.5″ disks now thanks to USB keys, and I can see film going that way in the next ten to fifteen years, maybe sooner. It’s in every chemist now. It might be limited to specialist shops soon.

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