Posted by: rob | June 22, 2007

Jinshanling Great Wall Walk


Originally uploaded by jasmine_tea

All the photos we’ve just posted are Rob’s. We can’t view them, but we’re presuming you can. Also — I can’t approve comments as I need to log into WordPress to do so, but will do so when I can!

On Monday Rob and I went to Jinshanling, about 130km north of Beijing, for a 10km walk to Simitai along the Great Wall. It’s a less ‘reconstructed’ part of the Great Wall, and when I say that I mean it’s not actually very constructed at all! As you can see from some of the pictures (I hope), the walk is very steep and stony. Some of the steps are narrow and tall and the inclines can reach about 70 degrees, as the guidebooks mentioned. What they failed to mention was that the walk does require a degree of fitness and effort, if only to fend off the people selling water at every watchtower (30-odd in all, we lost count) and the two women who ‘helped’ us do half the walk (they accompanied us the whole way) in order to sell the book and the t-shirt. They were, however, useful when trying to scramble up the wall! One of them was about 60 and more sprightly than either of us!
The views were stunning (when I could catch my breath to look) and it was worth it, but it did take FOUR HOURS in 32 degree heat!
We may not be able to update this for a while (as it’s hard to get through the fact that many sites don’t work in Chn. but gmail does seem to work on occasion. Even sending texts (SMS messages) is erratic. We’ll be in Vietnam around 11 July and we are keeping journals of our trip so expect more updates then! Currently in Shanghai, and off to Xian in a few days’ time.


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