Posted by: rob | June 27, 2007

Hyatt view from Jin Mao Tower

Hyatt view from Jin Mao Tower, originally uploaded by jasmine_tea.

A few days ago we were in Shanghai. The Jin Mao Tower’s observation deck from the 88th floor means you can see all of Shanghai — so long as it’s not polluted that day! We managed to go at night after a hughe but brief storm, so the view was far clearer. But the highlight of the place is not necessarily the view… it’s the ‘atrium’ in the middle. The Hyatt hotel resides from the 56th to the 88th floor, in a doughnut shape. Look straight down from the tower’s observation deck into the ‘hole’ and you’ll see a bar 30 floors down, and each floor has a balcony that goes all around. Quite impressive.
General observations on Shanghai: we didn’t think it was all that great; we thought Beijing had far more vigour. In general, we were more welcomed in the capital than in Shanghai, which had a more image-conscious feel. Now we’re in Xian (home of the Terracotta Warriors; eleven dynasties; once the largest city in the world). This place is even more friendly and open. People actually say hello to you here. At night the streets are filled with students, and there are many street performances and peaceful parks where people play mah-jongg all day or squat and talk.



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