Posted by: rob | June 27, 2007

Stuff on a stick street

Stuff on a stick street, originally uploaded by jasmine_tea.

Hi all,
Make sure you check the archives (listed on the rtight hand side) for this month, as we’ve just posted a lot of pictures that go beyond the whole main page (like the starfish on a stick. Here are the seahorses!). Flickr only lets you post one photo at a time and it appears that there are a limited amount of posts we can display on the home page.
We’ll fix up the site when we get to Vietnam as we can’t access it directly at the moment!



  1. Hi Kim and Rob,
    love your pictures on here…
    not sure I would tuck into a starfish- or seahorse-on-a-stick even if I wasn’t veggie!

  2. Hi Rob and Kim!

    Did you try any of that stuff? I tried some coccoon thing, and my friends tried some scorpion when we were in Beijing. It thoroughly grossed me out even though I’m Chinese, and trust me, we don’t normally eat these bugs (except when they’re in some herbal remedy), I’m sure they’re just for the tourists!

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