Posted by: rob | June 27, 2007

Stuff on a stick street

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Stuff on a stick street, originally uploaded by jasmine_tea.

Another day, another update that I can’t view 🙂 This photo was taken last week on a strip of street in Beijing we call ‘stuff on a stick street’. If you can think of anything you can chew (that isn’t necessarily edible) and imagine it on a stick, then you may be well placed to set up a stall here.

Apart from grapes on skewers, strawberries, chicken and other usual fare, people arriving at this street stall can ‘enjoy’ other delights including: starfish on a stick, centipedes, millipedes, silkworm pupae, snakes and SEAHORSES. The smell of these deep-fried delights was unbearable but it was definitely intriguing to see! A row of seahorses on a skewer will set you back about US$4.50, I learned. I prefer the strawberries myself.



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