Posted by: rob | July 12, 2007

Lazing in Yangshuo

One afternoon we took a bamboo rafting trip down the Yulong River. Most of the river is only a few feet deep, so the boatman alternately punts or rows. The raft is 10 lengths of bamboo strapped together with two chairs for the passengers. It is hard work, for the boatman that is. We were keen to avoid the spectacle we had witnessed outside the hotel where one day we saw 70+ rafts in a few hundreds metres of river. We found an agent would would let us do it in the afternoon further upriver and in the two hours we encountered only two other rafts. It was amazingly relaxing. As you might have seen, I’ve got a nasty piece of dust on every picture that I’ll have to remove later from every picture. Managed to get rid of it from the camera, though.

Kim has already talked about West Street in Yangshuo, but this is what it looks like for the most part. In the evening it is chock-a-block with people. We stayed in the town itself for four nights.



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