Posted by: kim | July 16, 2007

Caught in the rain

Monsoonal downpour, originally uploaded by jasmine_tea.

This is our last day in Hanoi, and the afternoon rains have been a welcome, refreshing way to clear the humid, hot air that tends to wear you down quickly around this time of year. Everyone wears cloths around their faces, or masks, particularly as they ride their motorcycles everywhere, protecting themselves from the heat and dust.

Last night, the rain was certainly something else! We were about three minutes’ walk away from the restaurant we were headed to, but then we felt a few drops of rain. Already, the locals’ sixth sense was in full swing; they were busy deconstructing their market stalls, rushing their lollipop stand stands inside and covering things up with tarpaulin. Then it started pouring, and we stayed under an awning for shelter. Many taxis cruised slowly by, thinking we’d want a ride, but as we were so close we thought we’d wait it out. But the rain pelted down harder. After making our way closer to the restaurant little by little, the rain was not letting up so we went into the nearby family cafe that also appeared to double as their house. We ordered some drinks to pass the time. Eventually, the gutter filled with water, and as it reached the pavement, the mother and daughter went to the doorway with a metal board and a block of what appeared to be soap (she used these items to seal the doorway like putty). As the water level rose, more cars and trucks swooshed by, literally pushing waves of water to each side of the road. The rain eventually rose about a foot deep within an hour, but then it drained out within the same period. Things floated by us including ladders, rubbish, sandals and chairs. As you can see, this bicycle indicates how deep the water was in the middle of the road.

The family were also looking curiously out the window as car engines got flooded, bikes stalled and men in yellow raincoats sloshed down the road. It was great fun.




  1. Great shot! Like the spots of rain on the lens – hope your camera is ok!

    Were you wearing wellington boots as well?!

  2. And I thought the rain we’ve been having here was bad!

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