What are we doing?

We’re on a three month trip halfway around the world, leaving on 3 June 2007.

We will travel on the Eurostar from London to Brussels. From there we will go through Germany and Belarus to Moscow using Deutsche Bahn trains.

Why not fly to Moscow? As the man in Seat 61 says, “Flying to Moscow to pick up the Trans-Siberian Railway is like agreeing to run a marathon then accepting a lift in someone’s car for the first mile… Don’t cheat..! If you’re going to go overland to the far East, do it properly, starting at London Waterloo and staying firmly on the ground.”

After a whirlwind stay there, we’ll hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway to Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia, where we’ll also have a short break.

But the journey’s only just begun at that stage. We’ll take the Trans-Mongolian route to Beijing, and travel around the country for close to a month. After that, we’ll travel down through Vietnam, then spend some time in Cambodia. In Thailand, we hope to relax and unwind before heading to Australia to see the folks (that part we’ll do by plane).



  1. Love hearing of your travels and the pictures are amazing. So JEALOUS! Sure beats the 9 to 5 drone.
    Keep us posted on all the camel riding adventures…

    Tiura xx

  2. Hy Kim
    It’s me your cousin Marcel from Switzerland.
    WOW. Your trip sounds fantastic, just awesome. For me it is still a dream, but you are doing it.
    I haven’t read all yet, but I promise I will!
    Hope to see you once soon. May in Australia, This continent is still missing in my travells.



  3. Hey guys,

    Mu name is Adam, and I am planning on doing a very similar trip to the one you took…

    I was wondering what your total budget was for the whole trip? all inclusive?

    Any ideas on stuff I should read? guides and so on?

    I am enjoying slowly sifting my way through your articles…

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Hi guys!

    I really like the website its the best I have seen on this sort train travelling!!
    We are working in Russia but wanting to get out of here!! We are planning to do roughly the same route to Bangkok. Can please answer a couple of questions.
    From your experience do you think 6 weeks from Moscow – Bangkok will be too rushed and tiring??
    I can book Moscow – Bangkok cheaply in Russia but Did you book the trains around and out of CHina beforehand as you need proof of exit to get the visa?
    Is there any places you would skip or spend less time in?


    Will & Jess

  5. Hi,

    I think two months is a good length of time. In China, all tickets were bought 2-3 days before we left the city we were in via local offices and agents. If you haven’t already, check http://www.seat61.com/China.htm for all the info you need to plan your trip including their recommended agent contacts.
    I think Vietnam I might have spent a few more days in; it was great.

  6. You did what I am hoping to do to celebrate my 70th birthday.
    I want to do a little more, in that I want to get to Singapore from Thailand and then get a container ship to Oz – thus having not flown at all.
    Is the bit Beijing very difficult? Have you tips for me? I’m going on my own.
    I’ve 2 1/2 years to plan yet, so am getting all the info I can

  7. Hi there thanks for the blog. I am looking at taking the Trans-Siberian in two years when i am finished school and then going to India and so-forth. I am vegan and this will be my biggest concern. Thanks for the info!

  8. Hi

    Your trip looks amazing! I am planning on visiting Cambodia in August/September for about a month. How much money do you think I should take as Im doign it backpacker style on a budget!


  9. Dianna – you can easily train Bangkok to Singapore and stopping of in any of the islands or Malaysia – from Spore you can ferry to Indonesia and go overland to Bali – from there you may have trouble getting to Australia by ship – some go by private yacht – some give the idea up as being too hard.

    Great trip guys too.

  10. Dianna – Jetstar usually fly Bali to Darwin for around 99 dollars or Air Asia does a good cheap fare around about 140 Bali to Perth – you could then either train from Darwin south to Adelaide on The Ghan stopping off at Alice Springs/Uluru, there is a bus day tour to Uluru from Alice, 460 ks and a big full day 199 dollars, recommend that, or come East from Perth across the Nullbabor Plain (plain of no trees) via The Indian Pacific train, 3 days to Sydney.

  11. We want to go back to the UK in September to live.
    At the moment we are in thailand
    We want to take our dog back with us she is a shitzue but no airline will accept her on board as she has a short snout they say she will have trouble breathing on the flight.
    What is the cheapest way to take my baby with us?

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